A Walk around Stroud Green

Stroud Green Rd c.1904

Eleven HHS members and friends took part in an enjoyable walk round Stroud Green on October 30th, starting at Finsbury Park Station.

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Bounds Green – A History and Walk

Bounds Green a History and a Walk book cover

By Albert Pinching

Bounds Green – A History and Walk is a book is about a less well-known, but nevertheless interesting, corner of Haringey. Initially the area was a rural hamlet which later became a cosmopolitan residential district of Wood Green.

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Crouch End – Four Walks

Crouch End Four Walks Book Cover

By Eleri Rowlands and Lesley Ramm

Crouch End -Four Walks is a pocket-sized book which replaces our earlier title Crouch End – A Walk.

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Highgate Walks – A Local History Guide

Highgate Walks

By Joan Schwitzer

This book of four walks was first published in 1989 and has been through several revisions and print runs such is its popularity. The latest revision is the work of Ruth Hazeldine, a long standing resident of Highgate and office/member of HHS for many years. The four walks cover the sites of historic importance and full descriptions are given of the origin and history of the buildings.

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Hornsey Village – A Walk

Hornsey Village: A Walk

By Lesley Ramm and Eleri Rowlands

Hornsey Village – A Walk is a completely revised and updated edition of Ken Gay’s earlier work is a 24-page pocket-size booklet. It contains 42 colour and 3 black and white images and a useful route map.

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Muswell Hill – Four Walks

Muswell Hill - Four Walks

By Eleri Rowlands

Muswell Hill – Four Walks is a new walk booklet that replaces our popular 2003 publication, A Walk Around Muswell Hill, by Ken Gay.

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Stroud Green – A History and Five Walks

Stroud Green A History and Five Walks book cover

By John Hinshelwood

Stroud Green – A History and Five Walks is in a new format. The book describes the growth and development of Stroud Green from a wet and marshy wasteland in mediaeval times to the present-day cosmopolitan suburb. 

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