HHS Bulletin 65

Front cover of HHS Bulletin 65, 2024

The year 2023 saw signs of hope for the Society after some difficult years and Bulletin 65 contains an even wider variety of contributions than usual.

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HHS Bulletin 64

Front cover of HHS Bulletin 64, 2023

Bulletin 64 emerges after another somewhat difficult year for the HHS. In part, this has been due to the effects of the pandemic; but, more problematically, the fact that the majority of the Society’s officers have been in post too long and will be stepping down at the AGM in July without, at this moment, any certainty about their being replaced, is a very serious cause for concern. The Society’s future is genuinely in doubt.

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HHS Bulletin 63

Front cover of HHS Bulletin 63, 2022

Bulletin 63 appears after another difficult year for the Society during the continued pandemic, but one where we did at least manage to celebrate our 50th anniversary with cake and fizz at the Old Schoolhouse, undeterred by wild winds and rain.

Sadly, we lost our Sales Manager and long-time Bulletin Editor, Albert Pinching, who died in the summer and who will be much missed.

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HHS Bulletin 62

Front cover HHS Bulletin 62, 2021

Bulletin 62 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the HHS in 1971, and while we could not celebrate the occasion as we had hoped, due to the pandemic, maybe this issue, with its special cover, afforded some consolation.

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HHS Bulletin 61

HHS Bulletin 61 Cover

HHS Bulletin 61 is full of varied articles ranging from the mid-seventeenth century to the present day.

The issue includes Katy Ferguson on that wonderful local resource, the Park Road Lido, and David Pashley and Steven Wright, who have in very different ways explored the history of the roads in which they live, Mount View and Ferrestone.

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HHS Bulletin 60

Front cover HHS Bulletin 60, 2019

The articles in HHS’s Bulletin 60 focus on the century between the ending of the First World War and the present day.

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HHS Bulletin 59

Front cover HHS Bulletin 59, 2018

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 59 contains articles with a wide chronological range, covering aspects of the history of our part of London from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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HHS Bulletin 58

Front cover HHS Bulletin 58, 2018

This issue includes a timeline for 1917, a continuing look at Hornsey during the First World War and a survey of the shops on Quernmore Road from 1900-2016.

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HHS Bulletin 57

Front Cover HHS Bulletin 57

A continuing look at Hornsey during the First World War including local conscientious objectors who refused to fight.

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HHS Bulletin 56

Front cover HHS bulletin 56

This issue continues our look at the First World War, including articles about the role of local churches during the conflict.

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