The National Railway Strike, October 1919

Railway tracks

This article about the 1919 national railway strike by Clemmie Butler-Brown, a sixth former then on work experience with Hornsey Historical Society, was first published on the website in October …

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1919 – 1920: The Uncertainties

League of Nations Baby

Each month in 2019, using Hornsey Journal extracts, we have looked at the issues facing Hornsey and the country in 1919 and at their impact locally and nationally. The Hornsey …

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“I am going to get it”

The Exchange, Muswell Hill

A Politician’s Promise in November 1919 which came to nothing – plus ca change! Reading the Hornsey Journal extract from November 1919 may give you a feeling of déjà vu. …

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Women and the Vote in 1919

Suffragettes demonstrating outside the Police Court 1918

The Representation of the People Act 1918 extended the franchise in parliamentary elections (right to vote) to men aged 21 and over, whether or not they owned property, and to …

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