Bounds Green – A History and Walk

By Albert Pinching

Bounds Green – A History and Walk is a book is about a less well-known, but nevertheless interesting, corner of Haringey. Initially the area was a rural hamlet which later became a cosmopolitan residential district of Wood Green.

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Bounds Green Quiz

Durnsford Road Lido in Bounds Green
Durnsford Road Lido, c.1930s

How well do you know the history of Bounds Green? Test yourself in this short quiz.

Lockdown in Bounds Green

Fence with children's drawings supporting the NHS

We are hoping to add to our Lockdown Gallery of images with a collection of people’s written accounts of their experiences during the Lockdown period. In this way we hope to have a written as well as a visual record of these months.

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Lost Houses: Nightingale Hall, Wood Green

This is the sixth in our series on Lost Houses of our area. This edited text was written by the late Albert Pinching, HHS Sales Manager for 21 years and editor for 14 years of our annual journal, the Bulletin, who died at the end of July this year. The full text was a chapter in People and Places: Lost Estates in Highgate, Hornsey and Wood Green’, published by HHS in 1996. 

The castellated facade of Nightingale Hall, circa 1890
Nightingale Hall, c.1890. This shows a castellated façade with a large conservatory, probably Victorian modifications, on the SW side, suggesting an earlier building in the background.

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Wood Green’s Obelisk

The Obelisk today
The Obelisk on Bounds Green Road today

Unless you are a frequent traveller along the Bounds Green Road you may not be aware that there is an obelisk in Wood Green. The 20 foot high granite obelisk is located on the grass verge opposite The Prince public house at the corner of Finsbury Road.

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