“I am going to get it”

A Politician’s Promise in November 1919 which came to nothing – plus ca change !

The Exchange, Muswell Hill, 1912
The Exchange, Muswell Hill, 1912

Does reading the Hornsey Journal extract from November 1919 give you a feeling of déjà vu? Not only was the fervent promise to get a tube to Muswell Hill within three years not kept, an underground line to this north London suburb never materialised. Why did William Kennedy Jones, Conservative and Unionist MP for Hornsey at the time, make such an extravagant promise to his constituents? What were the issues?

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A Brief History of Muswell Hill

Until the end of the 19th century Muswell Hill remained a rural area of pasture, woods and open spaces situated on the edge of a glacial plateau overlooking the Thames and Lea valleys.

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A History of Muswell Hill

By Ken Gay

A History of Muswell Hill is the first complete chronological story of Muswell Hill, illustrated from the author’s personal collection.

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A Report from the Hornsey Journal, 14 November 1919

A tube to Muswell Hill and a solution of London’s traffic congestion were promised by Mr Kennedy Jones MP at a meeting of his constituents held by the Muswell Hill ward of the Hornsey Conservative and Unionist Association at the Presbyterian Hall, Princes Avenue, on Friday night. Mr J T Plowman, the newly elected chairman of the ward, presided and a large and enthusiastic audience was present.

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Anthony Salvin

Anthony Salvin (1799-1881) was one of the most successful British architects in the first half of Queen Victoria’s reign. The reason why we note Salvin today is because of his association with Hornsey and East Finchley.

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Beauty in the Borough

A 20 minute amateur film, without sound, from 1959 about floral colour in Haringey.  It’s as interesting for the people, buildings and vehicles as it for the abundance of flowers.

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An editorial from the Muswell Hill Record, 14th February 1908

It is gratifying to notice on all sides a distinct revival in the building trade, so far at least as Muswell Hill is concerned. During the past six months building operations have had a set back; indeed owing to dear money and depressed business in the City some builders considered it wise to temporarily suspend the erection of new houses altogether.

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Ever Heard of the Local Architect and Surveyor John Farrer?

An article by Janet Owen

John Farrer (1843-1930), a self-made Victorian entrepreneur who lived in Crouch End for forty years of his life, was responsible for designing over eighteen hundred houses and shops for seventy three roads in our area and he laid out fifteen estates for local landowners and builders.

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Going?..Going? The protracted story behind 87 Muswell Hill Broadway

We resume our 2022 series on Church buildings which have changed their function with this second article.

The church building at 87 Muswell Hill Broadway
The building as it looks today, 2 January 2022

On the corner of the Broadway and Princes Avenue N10 stands an imposing building with a corner tower surmounted by a copper spirelet, white flint walls, large tracery windows and Ruabon brick mouldings round the doors. The signs outside reads, ‘Miller & Carter Steakhouse’ but on the east wall is a tablet stating, ‘To the Glory of God. This Stone was Laid by Henry Robson Esq. 24th May 1902’. What on earth has been going on?

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Grove Lodge Gardens

I read with interest David Frith’s story of Grove Lodge in the September Newsletter. In that there is a mention of, ‘the tree-lined strip which is still there and called Grove Lodge Gardens’. I rediscovered this ‘strip’ or path a few years ago.

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