Reflections on Tottenham Wood

Rooftop view of Alexandra Palace and park from the New River Village
Rooftop view of Alexandra Palace and park

During the coronavirus lockdown and the fine weather that accompanied it I took the opportunity to sit on my terrace in the New River Village to focus on the view of Alexandra Palace and its surrounding Park.

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Restoration by Keith Armstrong

Front cover of Restoration by Keith Armstrong

To coincide with the reopening of the Alexandra Palace Theatre, Keith Armstrong’s book Restoration : Alexandra Palace The East Wing  is published on Monday 3rd December.

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An article from the North Middlesex Chronicle, 13th January 1940

The fact that the Alexandra Palace television studio is closed continues to be a very sore point with the founders of the system. It is feared that the lead gained before the war will be lost, as was the lead in films during the last war, never to be regained.

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The 2018 HHS Bulletin

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 59

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 59 contains articles with a wide chronological range, covering aspects of the history of our part of London from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 60 masthead

The articles in HHS’s Bulletin 60 focus on the century between the ending of the First World War and the present day.

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The 2020 HHS Bulletin

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin Number 61, Logo

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 61 has just been published.   It is a long issue this time, full of interesting and varied articles, three of them by new contributors: Katy Ferguson on that wonderful local resource, the Park Road Lido, and David Pashley and Steven Wright, who have in very different ways explored the history of the roads in which they live, Mount View and Ferrestone. There is in fact a fourth contributor, but one no longer alive: Mr G. J. Richards, whose story of his long life and work at the now-defunct Barratt’s sweet factory in Wood Green was presented to the HHS in a hand-written manuscript by his son. This very personal (and very long) account has been edited down to manageable proportions.

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An extract from an editorial in the Hornsey Journal, 6 June 1919

The statement was made not long ago that on the removal of the German prisoners from the Alexandra Palace the Government intended to use the premises as public offices.

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The Changing Years: The History and Development of Wood Green

London Screen Archives

This 30 minute film, made in 1961, can be viewed online at  the London Screen Archives. It tells the history of Wood Green from tiny hamlet to major shopping centre told through still photographs and additional materials including maps, paintings, engravings, newspaper advertisements, motion footage. It includes Alexandra Palace, and also covers transport, local industry, the impact of wars and the development of new council estates.

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