Rails to the People’s Palace

By Reg Davies

Rails to the People’s Palace is a revised and updated edition of this popular book by railway enthusiast Reg Davies which tells the story of the railway line which once ran between Finsbury Park and the Alexandra Palace from 1873 to 1954.

Front cover of Rails to the People's Palace

Book details

Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher: HHS (4th edition, 2006)
ISBN: 09057941171
Price: £4.95 + p&p

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The book also contains a section, by local conservationist David Bevan, on the Parkland Walk which replaced the railway.

About the authors

Reg Davies is a North Londoner who attended Stationers’ Company’s School. His interest in this line was awakened when as a schoolboy he used to see underground trains travelling along an apparently abandoned line. He has co-authored other railway books.

David Bevan is a local conservationist who has an extensive knowledge of plants and trees.