New Entrance to the Palace

Bowes Park Weekly News, 26 May 1906

An Advantage to Muswell Hill

For many months there has been an agitation for an entrance to the Alexandra Palace and Park from the top of Muswell Hill, and we are now informed on quite reliable authority that such an entrance is about to be opened.

At the rear of the Palace and near Duke’s-avenue, there is a railway arch with an entrance to the Palace, but which has always been closed. Arrangements have now been made with the Estates Company, the Muswell Hill Railway Company, and the trustees of the Palace for the making of an entrance at this spot into the Palace. The necessary agreement has been drawn up by a Hornsey solicitor, and will be in operation on April 1st next. A proper path, with fences, is to be made, two local builders, we understand, having agreed to do so.

This new entrance will be much appreciated by the residents of Muswell Hill, and we anticipate that the Alexandra Park electric trams will also benefit from it.

Dukes Avenue entrance to Alexandra Palace, May 2019
Dukes Avenue entrance to Alexandra Palace, May 2019
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