Crouch End – Four Walks

By Eleri Rowlands and Lesley Ramm

Crouch End -Four Walks is a pocket-sized book which replaces our earlier title Crouch End – A Walk.

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Ivy-Mantled Tower – A History of the Church and Churchyard of St Mary Hornsey, Middlesex

By Bridget Cherry 

Ivy-Mantled Tower is a hard-back book with 138 pages and 202 illustrations. It tells the compelling story of a succession of buildings from the medieval church with its bell tower (which still stands) to an 1833 church, followed by a the building of a late Victorian church which was demolished in 1969. Thankfully, all has not been lost! The ancient tower has been rescued from dereliction thanks to the support of the Rectors of Hornsey and the diligent work of many volunteers.

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Muswell Hill – Four Walks

By Eleri Rowlands

Muswell Hill – Four Walks is a new walk booklet that replaces our popular 2003 publication, A Walk Around Muswell Hill, by Ken Gay.

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Rails to the People’s Palace

By Reg Davies

Rails to the People’s Palace is a revised and updated edition of this popular book by railway enthusiast Reg Davies which tells the story of the railway line which once ran between Finsbury Park and the Alexandra Palace from 1873 to 1954.

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Stroud Green – A History and Five Walks

By John Hinshelwood

Stroud Green – A History and Five Walks is in a new format. The book describes the growth and development of Stroud Green from a wet and marshy wasteland in mediaeval times to the present-day cosmopolitan suburb. 

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Wood Green Through Time

By Albert Pinching 

Wood Green Through Time is another title in this popular format with 92 pages of old and recent views of Wood Green linked by informative captions describing developments in Wood Green over the past century or so. It includes unique images of Alexandra Palace made during the First World War.

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Tottenham and Wood Green – Then & Now in Colour

By Christine Protz and Deborah Hedgecock

Tottenham and Wood Green – Then & Now in Colour is a 96-page hardback in a new format from The History Press. It presents an old view from the Bruce Castle Museum archive in sepia and a modern full colour view, by local photographer Henry Jacobs. The book includes forty-two locations in Tottenham and Wood Green accompanied by informative text.

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Hornsey Past

By Steven Denford

Hornsey Past provides a comprehensive local history, covering part of Hornsey parish including Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Hornsey Village. It is part of the popular Historical Publications Ltd “Past” series format.

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