The Campsbourne Estate – Its Development and Re-development

By John Hinshelwood

The Campsbourne Estate – Its Development and Redevelopment is a 24-page booklet tracing the history and development of the Campsbourne housing estate on the north side of Hornsey High Street from the late 1860s to the present day.  

Front cover of The Campsbourne Estate

The book includes a walk through the area identifying the different types of architecture and other features and has 21 illustrations comprising maps and old and present-day views.

Book details

Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: HHS (2011)
ISBN: 978-0905794440
RRP: £3.50 + p&p

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About the author

John Hinshelwood lives in Harringay and was HHS Curator & Archivist, 1998-2005. He gained an MA in Metropolitan & Regional History in 2007. John is a frequent contributor to the HHS Bulletin and spends his time researching and writing on aspects of local history. He is the author of several books. For a number of years he was Secretary of the LAMAS local history committee.