Ever Heard of the Local Architect and Surveyor John Farrer?

An article by Janet Owen

John Farrer (1843-1930), a self-made Victorian entrepreneur who lived in Crouch End for forty years of his life, was responsible for designing over eighteen hundred houses and shops for seventy three roads in our area and he laid out fifteen estates for local landowners and builders.

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The Urbanisation of Hornsey

An extract from John Farrer The Man who Changed Hornsey by Janet Owen

London was sucking in people from the countryside as its industrial strength grew throughout the nineteenth century and its dramatic increase in population shaped the growth of Hornsey parish. People of all social classes arrived in the capital and the population exploded from 959,310 in 1801, to 2,808,494 in 1861, to become 4,521,685 by 1911.

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John Farrer – The Man Who Changed Hornsey

By Janet Owen

The story of a man from rural Cumbria, who trained as an architect and surveyor, and played a vital part in creating a large part of the built environment of Hornsey. The author tells the story of John Farrer utilizing much archival material to illustrate his personal and professional life in this well illustrated book.

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A Vision of Middlesex

By Janet Owen and John Hinshelwood

This publication, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Hornsey Historical Society, presents a selection of over one hundred and twenty 19th and early 20th Century photographs from the North Middlesex Photographic Society’s survey and record of Middlesex.

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