HHS Bulletin 55

Front Cover HHS Bulletin 55

Issue 55 of the Bulletin starts our look at the experience of the area during the First World War.

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HHS Bulletin 56

Front cover HHS bulletin 56

This issue continues our look at the First World War, including articles about the role of local churches during the conflict.

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HHS Bulletin 57

Front Cover HHS Bulletin 57

A continuing look at Hornsey during the First World War including local conscientious objectors who refused to fight.

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HHS Bulletin 58

Front cover HHS Bulletin 58, 2018

This issue includes a timeline for 1917, a continuing look at Hornsey during the First World War and a survey of the shops on Quernmore Road from 1900-2016.

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HHS Bulletin 59

Front cover HHS Bulletin 59, 2018

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 59 contains articles with a wide chronological range, covering aspects of the history of our part of London from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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HHS Bulletin 60

Front cover HHS Bulletin 60, 2019

The articles in HHS’s Bulletin 60 focus on the century between the ending of the First World War and the present day.

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Hornsey after the War

As the Great War ended there were many issues occupying the minds of Hornsey folk which will be highlighted during 2019 through selected Hornsey Journal articles on this website. Five …

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Hornsey Food Control Committe


Hornsey Journal, 24 January 1919

A meeting of the Hornsey Food Control Committee was held at the offices, Topsfield Parade, Crouch End, on Saturday afternoon. 

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Hornsey’s National Kitchens 1918-1919

Female cooks serving the public at a National Kitchen during the First World War

A Ministry of Food was established in December 1916 to combat food shortages and price inflation, results of the ‘submarine menace’.  Hornsey’s MP, Kennedy Jones, was appointed director-general of the …

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