Before New River Village

Where New River Village now stands

The New River Village comprising 622 owner-occupied or rented apartments was built on a 15 acre site alongside Hornsey High Street between 2005 and 2007 by St. James Homes Ltd.  …

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Before the Cypriot Community Centre

Brabanconne Villa c 1930

This building in Earlham Grove, Wood Green, serves all sections of the local Cypriot community, providing vital community services and facilities. The land it stands on has a long history, having …

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Bounds Green – A History and Walk

Bounds Green a History and a Walk book cover

By Albert Pinching

Bounds Green – A History and Walk is a book is about a less well-known, but nevertheless interesting, corner of Haringey. Initially the area was a rural hamlet which later became a cosmopolitan residential district of Wood Green.

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Haringey’s Hidden Streams Revealed

Haringey's Hidden Streams Revealed

By Albert Pinching and David Dell

Haringey’s Hidden Streams retraces the routes of Haringey’s several natural streams which once flowed in the open from the “northern heights” of Highgate and Muswell Hill. Those streams are mainly now underground.

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