The Old Parish Church of Hornsey

By Ian Murray

This short account of the history of St Mary’s Church is well set out under sub-headings which aids the reader in understanding the complex development and demise of Hornsey’s three parish churches.

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Tottenham – A History

By Christine Protz

This is a well-produced book with numerous black and white illustrations and maps, including the intriguing ‘upside down’ map of 1619. The author details the history and importance of Tottenham from the Norman Conquest to the present day.

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Alexandra Palace Theatre

By Marlene McAndrew

Focusing on this fascinating part of Alexandra Palace, currently undergoing major restoration, this booklet is an updated chapter from Marlene McAndrew’s, Lost Theatres of Haringey (2007).

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Drama at the Palace

Victorian Heyday – The Alexandra Palace Theatre 1873-1901

By Nigel Willmott and Patricia Brearey

This book tells the story of the Victorian theatre which opened on 1 May 1875. In its heyday, some of the leading production companies of the age brought top actors, singers, dancers and entertainers to Alexandra Palace.

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Highgate Walks – A Local History Guide

By Joan Schwitzer

This book of four walks was first published in 1989 and has been through several revisions and print runs such is its popularity. The latest revision is the work of Ruth Hazeldine, a long standing resident of Highgate and office/member of HHS for many years. The four walks cover the sites of historic importance and full descriptions are given of the origin and history of the buildings.

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Tottenham Walks

By Mareeni Raymond and Edward Richards

A book of four walks revealing the history, architecture and people of this historic part of Haringey.

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Memories of Tenants of Margaret Hill House, Hornsey

These are collected life stories from a selection of people living at Margaret Hill House in Hornsey, North London. Eight people recounted their stories, varying from people who had lived in the Hornsey area all their lives to those from elsewhere in the UK or from further afield – from Nigeria, the Caribbean and Cyprus. Their stories show the breadth and depth of experience of the people we pass in the street and see at the bus stop. They also demonstrate the importance of memories not only for the people themselves, but for younger generations’ understanding of how Britain has become the nation it is today.

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