A Vision of Middlesex – Part Two

As the Old Schoolhouse is closed for the time being, we thought we’d share some extracts from HHS publications over the coming weeks and months.

A Vision of Middlesex : The North Middlesex Photographic Society’s Survey and Record of Middlesex by Janet Owen and John Hinshelwood was published in 2011 by the HHS to celebrate the Society’s 40th anniversary.  The book contains a selection of images from the North Middlesex Photographic Society archive which is held by the HHS.

Old Houses, Hornsey High Street, H W Fincham 1910
Old Houses, Hornsey High Street, H W Fincham 1910

This is the continuation of the old shops on the north side of Hornsey High Street.  Allen’s Court was entered through the narrow passageway, just discernible between the shops occupied by M. Petts. The passageway to the right of “Ye Old Log Cabin” marked the old route of the New River before it was diverted in the 1850s. The 217 ft chimney towering over the High Street is that of the incinerator of the Hornsey Council’s Highways Depot which recycled domestic waste as paving slabs.

Location : Hornsey High Street on the site of the closed public baths and washhouses N8.

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