Travels of a London Schoolboy

John Pocock (Author), Marjorie Holder (Author), Tom Pocock (Editor)

This diary initially set in one of London’s most formative periods – the early 19th century, when developers were building what are now the inner suburbs. It ends in one of the Empire’s colonies, in which making a living was hazardous, but where there was opportunity for the bold and resilient.

Travels of a London Schoolboy cover

John Pocock, the son of a once prosperous builder in late Georgian London. After the completion of his schooling and a series of ill-rewarded and tedious jobs, he is apprenticed to a surgeon and sails for the Swan River Settlement – the modern Perth – in Australia and finally Cape Town

Book details

Hardback: 208 pages (19.1cm x 25.1 cm)
Publisher: Historical Publications Ltd (1996)
ISBN: 0-948667-35-4
RRP: £8.99 + p&p

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