Grove Lodge Gardens

I read with interest David Frith’s story of Grove Lodge in the September Newsletter. In that there is a mention of, ‘the tree-lined strip which is still there and called Grove Lodge Gardens’. I rediscovered this ‘strip’ or path a few years ago.

Grove Lodge Gardens from Muswell Hill, on the left below the former Red Cross HQ
Grove Lodge Gardens from Muswell Hill, on the left below the former Red Cross HQ

It was in April 2005 when I was walking up Muswell Hill and came across some mysterious steps on my right. Investigating further, I found a path overgrown with brambles and almost impossible to walk on and another set of steps at the other end, further up. Having explored it, I realised that this must be a long-forgotten feature. I decided to do some research and discovered that this was indeed part of Grove Lodge Gardens! Further research resulted in finding photos from 1945 and 1949.

So the next step was to find a way to have the path cleared and restored. On behalf of the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association we applied for a grant under Haringey Council’s ‘Making a Difference’ scheme and were fortunate to be awarded £5,000. Together with the Council’s Parks Department we set to work and two years later the stone walls were repaired, dead trees were removed, overhanging branches cut, daffodils planted, the actual path restored, new sign posts put in place at both ends of the path and a green haven given back to local residents after 50 years. The official opening took place in March 2006.

Grove Lodge Gardens, 2019
Grove Lodge Gardens, 2019

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