Armistice Day at Hornsey

Holland Cycle Shop, Hornsey, 1918

Hornsey Journal, 15 November 1918

“In loving memory of the brave heroes who gave their lives to give us peace”

The news that an armistice had been signed and hostilities with Germany would cease at 11 o’clock took Hornsey by surprise on Monday morning.

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Beauty in the Borough

Film still of woman in the street from Beauty in the Borough

A 20 minute amateur film, without sound, from 1959 about floral colour in Haringey.  It’s as interesting for the people, buildings and vehicles as it for the abundance of flowers. …

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Before New River Village

Where New River Village now stands

The New River Village comprising 622 owner-occupied or rented apartments was built on a 15 acre site alongside Hornsey High Street between 2005 and 2007 by St. James Homes Ltd.  …

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Christmas Festivities


An advertisement from the Hornsey Journal, 6 December 1918

Messrs Harvey and Shillingford

Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green

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Crimea Veteran’s Death at Hornsey


Hornsey Journal, 21 February 1919

The tiny band of Crimea veterans living in Hornsey has been made still smaller by the death of Mr. William Coombs. Mr Coombs went out with the expeditionary force to the Crimea as a sapper in the Royal Engineers.

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