Christmas Festivities

An advertisement from the Hornsey Journal, 6 December 1918

Messrs Harvey and Shillingford

Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green

Our firm has a small but well assorted stock which show exceptionally good “war value”. The coming Christmas promises to be a truly happy one, for the burden which has been hanging over us for the last four years has been removed.

Unfortunately, there will not be many of the usual Yule-tide delicacies, but the most will be made of those that are obtained.

Bonbons, those mirth-makers so beloved of children, are very scarce owing to the extreme shortage of paper, and it is advisable to secure them at once, but it will be “playing the game” if only just sufficient are bought to ensure each member of the family getting one.

Nuts are also scarce, but this firm has a good supply of Brazil nuts which we offer at 2s. 8d. per pound, the present market value being about 3s. 6d. per pound. Shelled walnuts will also be found most useful, and at 1s.1½d. per quarter pound they show good value.

Christmas shopping must be finished early this year, for available stocks will soon be cleared.

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