From Salvation Army Citadel to ArtHouse Cinema

Another in our series on Church buildings which have changed their function.

The Arthouse Cinema, Tottenham Lane, 2022
The Arthouse Cinema, Tottenham Lane, 2022

This small but distinctive building in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End N8, is easily missed, squeezed between the blocks of apartments towering on either side of it. But this unusual building has stood here, its exterior appearance virtually unchanged, for nearly 110 years. So, what is its history?

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Going?..Going? The protracted story behind 87 Muswell Hill Broadway

We resume our 2022 series on Church buildings which have changed their function with this second article.

The church building at 87 Muswell Hill Broadway
The building as it looks today, 2 January 2022

On the corner of the Broadway and Princes Avenue N10 stands an imposing building with a corner tower surmounted by a copper spirelet, white flint walls, large tracery windows and Ruabon brick mouldings round the doors. The signs outside reads, ‘Miller & Carter Steakhouse’ but on the east wall is a tablet stating, ‘To the Glory of God. This Stone was Laid by Henry Robson Esq. 24th May 1902’. What on earth has been going on?

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Holy Trinity, Stroud Green

The Parish of Holy Trinity was the fifth to be carved out of the original Anglican parish of St Mary, Hornsey, as the population grew. The first was St Michael, Highgate in 1832 and Holy Trinity was established in 1878 on the corner of Granville and Stapleton Hall Roads.

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Hymns and Rock Music: Park Chapel, Crouch End

Another article in our series about church buildings which have changed their function.

Park Chapel  church today
Park Chapel today

This imposing mid-1850s building is best viewed from Haringey Park N8 or whilst walking on Crouch Hill. Park Chapel has had a chequered 167 year existence. It has changed from an important Congregational church and centre of social activity for the community, to a wrecked church interior with the hall and other spaces used for commercial purposes, particularly children’s TV production and as a recording studio, back once more to a church interior restored for worship.

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Shaftesbury Hall in Bowes Park

Situated in Herbert Road N11, Shaftesbury Hall was registered in 1885 and became an Infants School in the early 1900s. It was still used by the Baptists in the late 1930s but closed in 1954. It is owned by the Samaritans and Hornsey Housing Trust who want to sell it and redevelop the site and put up a block of three one-bed flats.

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St Luke’s Church, Mayfield Road, Hornsey


This is the third article in our 2022 series on Church buildings which have changed their function.

Advert from the Daily Express for a flat for sale in converted church f
Daily Express, Saturday Magazine, c.2000

Seeking your dream apartment in North London, modern but with a quirky difference? You may well be attracted to this apartment building by the estate agents’ photographs of the interiors and blurb about a much-favoured residential area, within easy walking distance of Crouch End’s historic Broadway, next to the green and open Stationers Park and a short bus ride to the Underground and a British Rail station. Why then does the building look exactly like a church?

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What Price Historical Architectural Heritage?

The first article in our new series on Church Buildings which have changed their function.

In 2022 we will be looking at some buildings, specifically churches, which have changed their function or have been knocked down and replaced, usually by residential accommodation of one type or another.

Demolished interior of Park Chapel, Crouch End, 1981
Demolished interior of Park Chapel, Crouch End, 1981

In this first article we explore some of the issues surrounding the redundancy of such buildings, consider their fate and the place of such buildings in the historical landscape in which they are/were situated.

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