Campaign for St Mary’s Tower, Hornsey

The tower was built as part of the medieval church of St Mary when Hornsey was a small rural village in Middlesex. The lower part of the tower is medieval, and was probably completed around 1500.

Vision Statement

The Long View Working Group (LVWG) has been set up as a representative group from the wider Hornsey community to:

• Ensure the future physical existence of St Mary’s Tower Hornsey which needs on-going repair and development
• Make the Hornsey community aware of its existence and long history
• Bring the Tower and its lovely open spaces into greater use for the benefit of everyone in our multi-cultural, multi-faith community
• Generate a passion for the future of this ancient environment and ensure it becomes a landmark of Hornsey and its community hub

The LVWG works closely with Hornsey Parish Church (St Mary with St George) and the Friends of Hornsey Church Tower (FoHCT) to preserve and promote St Mary’s Tower Hornsey

Here’s how you can help us as members of our local community:

• Support the Friends of Hornsey Church Tower by becoming a member, volunteering for gardening work, fundraising and support during community events

• Support Hornsey Historical Society by becoming a member and gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and information about the Tower’s history and importance

• The “Intimate Space” project has worked to make the Tower room the smallest arts venue in London and we hope that the community here in Hornsey will use the Tower as a space for concerts, educational visits, workshops, meetings, theatre, films and commercial and community events.
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