Bounds Green Quiz

Durnsford Road Lido in Bounds Green
Durnsford Road Lido, c.1930s

How well do you know the history of Bounds Green? Test yourself in this short quiz.

#1. When did the Ranelagh Tavern first open?

#2. What was previously on the site of the Sunshine Garden Centre?

#3. What previously occupied the site of the Springfield Community Park and Amethyst Close flats on Park Road?

#4. Which major development required excavation of six acres of Bounds Green land in the 1840s?

#5. Where was the area's first municipal housing built in 1921?

#6. Construction of the current Bounds Green School was completed in which year?

#7. Where in Bounds Green was the WWII bombing that caused the largest loss of life with 19 fatalities?

#8. A portico stands inside the fence at the corner of Rhode Avenue and Albert Road. This is the remnant of which house?

#9. In which year did the Electric Tramway Network reach Bounds Green, terminating at the Ranelagh Tavern?

#10. Bounds Green Pottery Works closed in 1927 and the land is now the site of what?

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