Christmas Festivities


An advertisement from the Hornsey Journal, 6 December 1918

Messrs Harvey and Shillingford

Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green

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Armistice Day at Hornsey

Holland Cycle Shop, Hornsey, 1918

Hornsey Journal, 15 November 1918

“In loving memory of the brave heroes who gave their lives to give us peace”

The news that an armistice had been signed and hostilities with Germany would cease at 11 o’clock took Hornsey by surprise on Monday morning.

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Peace at Wood Green


Bowes Park Weekly News, Saturday 16 November, 1918

“Peace” at Wood Green was celebrated with a good deal of noise and jollity.  

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Most of our Dentists will Pull with Government


Hornsey Journal, 2 July 1948

It is anticipated that 75 per cent, of Hornsey’s dentists will this week inform the Minister of Health that they are prepared to enter the new National Health Service, which comes into force on Monday next.

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Hornsey Students in Revolt

Hornsey Journal 31 May 1968 headline "Hornsey Students in Revolt"

Hornsey Journal, 31 May 1968

Aggrieved students of Hornsey College of Art who took control of the main college  building on Crouch End Hill on Tuesday had reached such a stage in their “revolt” by yesterday (Thursday) afternoon that they were working out their own system of art education.

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