No Meat for Meeting

Bowes Park Weekly News, 17 February 1939

Sonny Boy, who is now past six, and is in the important position of having had his bicycle stolen, has long been curious as to where I go for “meetings” and what I do there – as were his brothers before him.

So I took him to Spouters’ Corner to show him a specimen “meeting” – visiting the public library en route. Arriving at the corner, all was quiet and I explained that the meeting was “off.” Sonny Boy was disgusted and disbelieving. He said, “There is no place to cook the meat!” I explained the difference between a “meeting” and eating “meat,” but he was unable to see it, and said there was not even any meat hanging up, ready for the meeting.

I fear he believes the whole reporting business to be a good deal of a swindle.

Website editor’s note

The articles and editorials in the Bowes Park Weekly News were rarely credited so it’s not possible at the moment to identify the author or his “Sonny Boy”.

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