Inside Alexandra Palace Theatre

A look at the progress of the restoration, seen during a recent visit to the theatre for a group of Theatre Friends.

Another milestone

The Theatre regeneration project reaches another milestone with the dismantling of the scaffolding “cage”, which was erected for the work to repair and renovate the ceiling of the auditorium. The ceiling remains substantially “as found”, maintaining the unique atmosphere of the Victorian theatre, but made safe and adapted to allow lighting and other technical equipment to rigged up.

As the construction work now reaches the final stage of completion and fitting out, and the team at Alexandra Palace are now turning their attention to finalising the programme of events and performances for the opening later in the year.

Join the Friends of Alexandra Palace Theatre

Membership of the Friends is currently a minimum of £5 a year (£2 concessions). Members are kept more closely ‘in the loop’ than those who’ve signed up to receive the newsletter, and not only receive communications but also invitations to events.  You can find more information about how to join on the Friends of Alexandra Palace website.

You can also follow the group on Facebook.

Name a seat

To find out about naming a seat, or making a donation towards the theatre’s restoration,  visit Support Alexandra Palace Theatre

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