A Brief History of the Bulletin

The Bulletin first appeared in December 1973, only two and a half years after the Society was founded. It was a quarterly publication intended to reflect members’ research and lively interest in Hornsey’s past. The name was chosen for its association with brevity and urgency. 

It was very much a ‘home produced’ publication, typed on an electronic typewriter, photocopied and then stapled together by a party of volunteers for distribution to society members. Illustrations were added during the ‘70s. As the publication increased in size and complexity it became impossible to produce the Bulletin quarterly and it became an annual journal in 1981.

Different formats

Over the years there have been several experiments with format and size. Bulletins Nos.30 – 33 (1989-92) were A5 in size which members did not like so and so a slightly larger format was chosen for Bulletins Nos. 34 – 39 (1993-98). The current A4 size has been used since 1999. Bulletin 55 was awarded the prestigious London & Middlesex Archeological Society (LAMAS) prize for the best journal of 2014.


Editors of the Bulletin over the years have been Ian Murray (1974), Herbert E Robins (1975-1987), Joan Schwitzer (1988-1991), Ben Travers (1992), Ruth Hazeldine (1993-2000) and Albert Pinching (2001-2015).  Our current design and print coordinator is Keith Phillips. This work was undertaken in the past by Peter Curtis and then by Mike Hazeldine.