Wood Green (1974-1976)

A British Pathe report about the difficulties faced by Haringey Council developing Wood Green in the 1970s. 


Unissued / unused material – dates and locations unclear or unknown. Colour item. Wood Green, London. Panning shot boarded up houses. Various model of proposed shopping centre. Various shots building site. CU news reporter talking to camera about conflict between Unilever and Haringey Borough Council over building of shopping centre. Various shots representatives from Haringey council. CU page from Hornsey Journal newspaper. CU reporter. Various shots council representatives visiting Department of Environment. Travel shot of street in Wood Green taken from moving car, in foreground reporter sits in passenger seat and talks to camera. Shops include famous chain stores such as Marks and Spencers, Woolworths and Boots. More shots shopping centre model. More shots council representative speaking to camera. LS Wood Green, zoom out from Alexandra Palace.

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