Water Witches – Hornsey Open Air Swimming Pool (1929)

A British Pathe newsreel from 1929. “This picture explains why Adam frequents the pools so eagerly – because of the water witches there. “


” M/S of a large group of women sitting in a pyramid shape – they are sitting on a fountain. A man comes into shot (probably a lifeguard) and tells them to get off! L/S of the pool, lots of people swimming and diving from a board. C/U of a woman sitting on the edge of the pool – she wears a stripy bathing suit and a swimming cap. M/S of a line of girls sitting on the edge of the pool looking up at the cameraman and splashing their feet. High angle shot of lots of women jumping around in the pool having fun.

A small toddler stands on the end of a low diving board. He doesn’t look too happy. He walks along the board to his father. M/S of two women and a man having a cup of tea and a cigarette sitting at a small table, possibly outside the lido cafe. M/S of some girls having a picnic, lots of people sitting and standing around watching the filming. L/S of lots of people standing on the pool’s edge, people jump and dive in and swim towards the camera. Slow motion footage of the woman in the stripy swimsuit diving off the high board. Slow motion of lots of girls jumping into the pool together.

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