The Collins Family

An article by David Frith

Wherever you are in Crouch End or Muswell Hill you are never more than a short distance from a house or building built by the Collins family.

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The Old Dairy at Crouch Hill

By John Hinshelwood 

The Friern Manor Dairy building (now a restaurant) is renowned for the rare decorative panels that adorn it. This is their story and that of a local dairying family, beginning in the 1840s. An original piece of research with wonderful and rare illustrations.

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A Brief History of Stroud Green

The name Stroud Green signifies a wet, marshy place, overgrown with brushwood and liable to flooding. Stroud Green, near Highbury, was first mentioned in 1403 when it was no more than a number of farmsteads outside London on the low lying land of Tollington, in Islington, to the west of Brownswood in Hornsey.

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