Printers’ Almshouses, Bounds Green Road

This romantic view of the almshouses depicting them as a rural retreat was gifted to the Archive in 2003 by David Frith. The image was reproduced by the Borough of Haringey and presented to attendees at the official opening of Haringey Central Library on 23rd March 1979.

Printers’ Almshouses, Bounds Green Road
Printers’ Almshouses, south corner of Bounds Green and the High Road in 1858

These almshouses were opened in 1856 by Lord Stanhope. They looked very similar to the Fishmongers’ and Poulterers Almshouses; indeed, William Webb was the architect of both. They accommodated 12 couples, each occupying a sitting room, bedroom and kitchen. In addition, they were provided with a weekly allowance. The almshouses were extended in 1871 to house 24 couples and further extended in 1891. The residents were transferred to Bushey in Hertfordshire when it closed in 1969.The building was demolished and replaced by Greenriding House, a telecoms centre.

Image credits

Hornsey Historical Society

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