Pandemic Poems (iii)

An HHS member living in N8 has been busy writing her response to Covid 19 in verse form. Here is the third of her poems:

Tonight at Noon

(after Adrian Henri)

Tonight at noon
The chancellor will send everyone £25,000
Tonight at noon
Rich people will volunteer, unmasked, at Nightingales
Airline owners will pay all their staff with their own money
Star footballers will decline their salaries
Pop stars will decline their royalties
The NHS will magic claps into cash
And children will build ventilators out of Meccano

Tonight at noon
Politicians on TV will try to look worried
Joggers will give way to dog walkers
Elephants will tell each other human jokes
Great tits will learn not to be so squeaky
Presidents will learn to be real
Test ingredients will drop to Earth in hot-air balloons
People in ITUs will breathe easily again
And pigs will fly in formation over Buckingham Palace
Tonight at noon