Hornsey Churchyard and Village Quiz

Hornsey Church

How well do you know the history of Hornsey and its Churchyard?  Test yourself in this short quiz.

#1. When was the church attached to the old church tower of St Mary demolished?

#2. Charles Dickens mentioned Hornsey churchyard in which of his books?

#3. Can you name the two Americans whose grave has a unique dedication?

#4. Which landlord of The Three Compasses was buried nearest to his pub so he could best 'knock for his pint'?

#5. What was the purpose of the building near the entrance of the New River Village?

#6. After whom was Greig City Academy named?

#7. What stood on the site of Sainsbury's car park in Smithfield Square?

#8. Since when has The Three Compasses pub been in the High Street?

#9. What was originally on the site of St Mary's Primary School near the junction with Middle Lane?

#10. What did Maria Hawes Ware give to Hornsey Village in 1863?

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