Highgate Quiz

Flask Inn, near South Grove, Highgate
Flask Inn, near South Grove, Highgate

Test your knowledge of Highgate’s history with our latest quiz.

#1. By 1841 how many public houses were there in Highgate Village?

#2. In which of these houses did Julius Elias, Lord Southwood (1873-1946) of Odhams Press live?

#3. Which of these famous Victorian writers was buried in Highgate Cemetery?

#4. Who was the Headmaster of Highgate School in 1845?

#5. Who once occupied Cromwell House on Highgate Hill?

#6. What used to be the name of Highgate Wood?

#7. St Michael's Primary School was originally located in which road?

#8. In which year was St Michael's Church built?

#9. The London Diocesan Penitentiary was a home for:

#10. When was The Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution established?

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