HHS Bulletin 50

HHS Bulletin 50 includes articles about Bishop’s Park, the NMPS photographic collection and memories of evacuation during WW2.

HHS Bulletin 50



  • How the Bulletin began, Joan Schwitzer
  • Landscape of the Bishop’s Park, Malcolm Stokes
  • Hornsey in the Sun: The Sun Fire Office Records, Brenda Griffith-Williams
  • The Cowleys of Stone Cottage: the story of a Crouch End family in the 19th century, Janet Owen
  • Our Middlesex Heritage: The NMPS contribution to the NPRA collection, John Hinshelwood
  • Sir Henry Wood at the Palace: the 1939 Handel Festival Concert, Mike Hazeldine
  • Memories of Evacuation during World War II, Eric Vogel

Notes & Queries

  • Local Commemorative Plaque: W. Heath Robinson (1872-1944), cartoonist, Keith Fawkes
  • Local Commemorative Plaque: W J Collins (1856-1939), developer, David Frith
  • Local Commemorative Plaque: W B Tegetmeier (1816-1912), naturalist, Keith Fawkes
  • Local Commemorative Plaque: Vivian Stanshall (1943-1995), musician, Jacob O’Callaghan
  • Durnsford Road Lido, David Dell


  • Walking across London by Patrick Hamilton, Ken Gay
  • Hornsey Past by Steven Denford, Albert Pinching
  • Hornsey 1968 by Lisa Tickner, Ken Gay
  • How Rural Tottenham Disappeared by Kenneth Barker, Albert Pinching

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