Harringay Quiz

Wightman Road, Harringay c.1900
Wightman Road, Harringay c.1900

Test your knowledge of the history of Harringay with this short quiz.

#1. The names of the roads on the north side of Finsbury Park are connected to which Prime Minister?

#2. The name 'Harringay' derives from 'Heringes-hege'. From which period of history does it come?

#3. Which road divides Harringay into two parts?

#4. In which decade of the 19th century did Harringay start filling up with streets of houses?

#5. Which culverted river runs through the Harringay Ladder roads?

#6. The Harringay Ladder roads were built on the site of which estate?

#7. Which owner of Harringay House was awarded £4,624 4s 9d in 1837 through the Slave Compensation Act?

#8. The Arena Retail Park on Green Lanes was built on the site of :

#9. The Salisbury Hotel, Green Lanes, opened in 1899. Who built it?

#10. Who designed and laid out Finsbury Park, opened in 1869.

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