Floral Hall, 132 Crouch Hill – HHS Response to Planning Application

Application HGY/2022/0118

Objection by the Hornsey Historical Society

The history and development of this site is explained in great detail in the application and it can be seen that there was originally a single storey building which was almost fully glazed.

In Kelly’s Directory of 1926 Mr T E Davis advertises at the Floral Hall: flowers, plants, trees and other horticultural merchandise and orders for wreaths which will be promptly and carefully executed. Subsequently the building was reconstructed with a single storey and a glazed first floor storey section above. Although the upper storey has been reconstructed in recent years, this is the form of the building which exists at present.

At the present time the building, although not on the statutory list of buildings of importance, is included on the Council’s list of buildings of local interest. Its unique form makes an important contribution to the character and appearance of the Crouch End Conservation Area and is an important element in the general appearance of the townscape when approaching Crouch End from the south.

In our opinion the proposed replacement building would appear merely as a continuation of the existing terrace and by obscuring the flank wall of the adjoining property would change the character of this view in a detrimental way. The discordant element of the existing building is part of its attraction and its replacement in the manner proposed would not, in our opinion, provide positive elements to the wider Conservation Area as claimed by the applicants. 

For these reasons we wish to object to this proposal and request that permission be refused.

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