A Crouch End Housewife’s Story (1948)

A fascinating 12 minute film, without sound, of Mrs Mary Cannon of Crouch Hill doing the shopping and picking up her ration books in post-war Crouch End.


M/S corner of North Crescent, Crouch Hill. M/S’s tobacconist and newsagent shop on corner of North crescent. M/S’s Mrs Cannon pushing pram with baby aged 10 months. M/S Mrs Cannon looking in butcher’s shop window. Various shots looking in the window. Various shots butcher serving Mrs Cannon.

M/S Mrs Cannon joining fish shop queue. M/S fishmonger serving Mrs Cannon. Various shots Mrs Cannon stopping at Greengrocers. M/S greengrocer serving Mrs Cannon. M/S Mrs Cannon looking in window of baker’s shop. M/S woman assistant serving Mrs Cannon. M/S assistant removing tickets from ration book. M/S Mrs Cannon pushing pushchair with older child out from house down road. M/S Mrs Cannon looking in grocer’s window.

M/S entering grocers. M/S putting rations in pushchair. M/S younger baby in pram. Various shots Mrs Cannon looking at Government posters on economy of fuel and supplies. M/S food office sign, showing hours open etc. M/S Mrs Cannon in the waiting room of the food office talking to the other women. M/S Mrs Cannon receiving orange juice, cod liver oil and dried milk. C/U legs and feet of her walking along pushing pushchair. Mrs Cannon pulling pushchair up steps. M/S entering Town Hall (or large building).

M/S Mrs Cannon entering Information Bureau. M/S and C/U woman explaining forms to Mrs Cannon on steps of Information Bureau. M/S interior of home of Mrs Cannon, showing Mr Cannon mending toy for child who is sitting on table, Mrs Cannon sitting at table darning stockings. M/S Mrs Cannon washing clothes. M/S rations set out on table. Various shots Mr and Mrs Cannon with elder child looking at partly built block of flats. C/U Mr and Mrs Cannon with elder child.

FILM ID:2214.2

Copyright British Pathé

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