Tottenham and Wood Green – Then & Now in Colour

By Christine Protz and Deborah Hedgecock

Tottenham and Wood Green – Then & Now in Colour is a 96-page hardback in a new format from The History Press. It presents an old view from the Bruce Castle Museum archive in sepia and a modern full colour view, by local photographer Henry Jacobs. The book includes forty-two locations in Tottenham and Wood Green accompanied by informative text.

Tottenham and Wood Green Then and Now

Book details

Hardback: 96 pages
Publisher: The History Press (2011)
ISBN: 978-0-7524-6328-5
RRP: £12.99 + p&p


About the authors

Chris Protz is a long-time resident of Tottenham who has studied various aspects of local history. She is an active member of several local community groups including the Friends of Bruce Castle which she helped establish.

Deborah Hedgecock has always had a strong interest in history and studied Classics at Cambridge University. She has been curator at Bruce Castle Museum, the local history museum and archive in Haringey, since 2002.