Edmonton Union – Tender for Supplies

Hornsey Journal, 30 May 1919

The Guardians invite Tenders from 1st July, 1919 as follows:

For One Month

Cheesemongery, Margarine

For Three Months

Grocery and Cornchandlery. Drugs, Medical and Surgical Appliances and Druggists’ Sundries. Leather, Boots and Shoes. Grindery. Men’s Clothing. Material. Drapery. etc. Tobacco. Meat Extracts. Soap. Disinfectant Fluid.

For Twelve Months

Coal and Coke. Carting Coals and Coke.

Where practicable the actual quantities of the Goods require are stated in the Forms of the Tender.

Forms of Tender and Conditions of Contract may be obtained  on application to me, accompanied by a stamped addressed foolscap envelope.

Sealed Tenders marked, “Tender for ……….” must reach me no later than 9.00am on Monday, 16th June, 1919.

The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest of  any Tender and reserve to themselves the right of accepting  the whole or such portion of any Tender they may select.

By order, 


Clerk to the Guardians

White Hart Lane,

Tottenham N.17

May, 1919.

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