Wood Green Quiz

The Printers' Almshouses, Bounds Green Road, c.1900
The Printers’ Almshouses, Bounds Green Road, c.1900

Our latest quiz concentrates on the history of Wood Green – have a go.

#1. Which was the first pub in Wood Green?

#2. Where was the first shopping street in Wood Green?

#3. Which church originally occupied the current Greek Orthodox Church on Trinity Road?

#4. Which famous twentieth century author lived in Wood Green?

#5. Where was Wood Green's indoor swimming pool before it closed in 1997?

#6. Where did the obelisk on Bounds Green Road stand before it was moved to make way for tramway lines?

#7. Which building, constructed in 1912, was designed by Frank Matcham?

#8. When did Wood Green Tube Station open?

#9. Which underground stream flows under the Shopping City and Noel Park, heading in a north easterly direction towards the River Lee?

#10. Development of the Noel Park Estate began in 1883 on which farmland?

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