Stroud Green Quiz

Stroud Green Road
Stroud Green Road

Have a go at our Stroud Green Quiz.

#1. The name Stroud Green means:

#2. The Old Dairy at the corner of Crouch Hill has panels on the wall in what type of decoration?

#3. What is the name of the place of worship destroyed in the Second World War?

#4. What was Hornsey Road originally called?

#5. St Aidan's School was originally which of these schools?

#6. What was the family name of the last farmer to occupy Stapleton Hall?

#7. Stroud Green Railway Station, which no longer exists, opened in which year?

#8. What was Finsbury Park called originally?

#9. Opening in 1894, Stroud Green Primary School was controlled by which of these authorities?

#10. Wall Court Flats in Stroud Green Road was named after:

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