Phospherine: A Proven Remedy

An advertisement from the Hornsey Journal, 27 December 1918

Rifleman William Oatway(M. M.) Royal Irish Rifles, British Expeditionary Force:

“I have very much pleasure in testifying to the beneficial effects derived from taking your Phosferine while on active service, because I was a Battalion Despatch Runner.

‘I was fortunate enough to have the Military Medal bestowed upon me for my work as a Despatch Runner—coming through fairly well, always keeping fit and never being subject to toothache, loss of appetite, headaches or any of the other ailments many of the men had, who were exposed to the same weather conditions as I was—in fact I carried on until I was knocked over by a big bit of shrapnel. Ever since I was in the Army I have taken Phosferine.”

This intrepid Despatch Runner considers it is really due to the vitalising properties of Phosferine, that he has escaped the nerve disorders and bodily ailments which Active Service provokes – Phosferine enabled his system to store up extra vitality in advance, and thus ensure that not even the severest hardships or exertions could overthrow bis powers of resistance.

When you require the Best Tonic Medicine, see that you get PHOSFERINE: A PROVEN REMEDY FOR Indigestion, Maternity Weakness, Lassitude, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Loss of Appetite, Exhaustion, Mental Exhaustion, Anæmia, Hysteria, Backache, Rheumatism, Sleeplessness, Premature, Decay, Neuritis, Headache, Influenza, Nervous Debility.

Phosferine has a world-wide repute for curing disorders of the nervous system more completely and speedily, and at less cost, than any other preparation.

Special service note

Phosferine is made in Liquid and Tablets, the Tablet form being particularly convenient for men on ACTIVE SERVICE, travellers, etc. It can be used anytime, anywhere, in accurate doses, as no water is needed.

The 3/- tube is small enough to carry in the pocket, and contains 90 doses. Your sailor or soldier will be the better for Phosferine—send him a tube of tablets. Sold by all Chemist Stores, etc.

Prices: 1/3, 3/- and 5/-. The 3/- size contains nearly four times the 1/3 size.

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Website editor’s note

In the British Medical Journal, January 7, 1911, the curative powers of this cure-all wonder
medicine were assessed, along with other such products, under the heading, ‘The Composition of Certain Secret Rememdies’. The BMJ concluded:

‘Somewhat varying directions are given as to the quantity to be taken for different ailments, the dose being stated as from five to ten drops, to be taken from twice to four times a day.

‘Analysis showed the presence of alcohol, quinine, phosphoric acid, and a little sulphuric acid; a trace of sodium salt was found, but this was probably an accidental impurity in the phosphoricacid; no other ingredient could be detected.

‘Expressing the acids as the dilute acids of the Pharmacopoeia, and the quinine as the ordinary official sulphate, the formula arrived at is:

‘Quinine sulphate: 0.67 part
Diluted sulphuric acid: 2.5 parts by measure
Diluted phosphoric acid: 54.6 parts by measure
Alcohol: 8.1 parts by measure
Water: to 100 parts by measure

‘The estimated cost of the ingredients for 1 fluid ounce (2s. 9d. bottle) is ½d.’

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