Muswell Hill Girls – Leaders in Fashion

A 1959 film of girls at the William Grimshaw School in Muswell Hill learning to make and model the latest fashions.


Interior of classroom: various shots showing girls getting out sewing machines and material. C/U two girls sewing.

C/U teacher Mrs. Kirk inspecting one of the girl’s work. C/U girl using sewing machine. C/U pupils Vivian and Diane in casual suits, pan down to their legs. C/U girls having their hems adjusted, Mrs. Kirk walks over to one of the girls. C/U Mrs. Kirk pinning the hem and then holding it up against the girl’s leg. C/U another girl adjusting her dress in front of mirror. C/U girls wearing gym skirts and blouses, one is pinning a badge onto the other’s gym skirt. C/U the badge being pinned on.

Various shots the girls modelling in a fashion show at the Education and Careers Exhibition, Olympia. Various shots seven girls wearing gym skirts and blouses parading. G/V audience. C/U two girls in striped dresses parading. C/U schoolgirls applauding. C/U Vivian and Diane in their casual outfits parading, one of them turns in front of camera.

C/U schoolgirls in uniform applauding. G/V girl in floral design dress walking forward, she turns and back to face the camera again. Note: further information about exhibition and newspaper articles on file. FILM ID:1583.22

Copyright British Pathé

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