Civic Pride in Hornsey

By Bridget Cherry

A history and lavishly illustrated description of Hornsey’s prize-winning and Grade II* listed former Town Hall and adjacent 1930s art-deco buildings.

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Bounds Green – A History and Walk

By Albert Pinching

This book is about a less well-known, but nevertheless interesting, corner of Haringey, initially a rural hamlet which became a cosmopolitan residential district of Wood Green.

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A Vision of Middlesex

By Janet Owen and John Hinshelwood

This publication, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Hornsey Historical Society, presents a selection of over one hundred and twenty 19th and early 20th Century photographs from the North Middlesex Photographic Society’s survey and record of Middlesex.

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A Brief History of Stroud Green

The name Stroud Green signifies a wet, marshy place, overgrown with brushwood and liable to flooding. Stroud Green, near Highbury, was first mentioned in 1403 when it was no more than a number of farmsteads outside London on the low lying land of Tollington, in Islington, to the west of Brownswood in Hornsey.

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A Brief History of Muswell Hill

Until the end of the 19th century Muswell Hill remained a rural area of pasture, woods and open spaces situated on the edge of a glacial plateau overlooking the Thames and Lea valleys.

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A Brief History of Highgate

The name Highgate has for centuries been taken as a simple statement of fact: ‘high-gate’, i.e. the former tollgate between the High Street and North Road at the highest point of the neighbourhood.

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A Brief History of Harringay

The name of the London Borough of Haringey and its relation to district of Harringay causes much confusion. Before 1965 no such confusion existed since the London Borough of Haringey had not been formed and the spelling of the name the district of Harringay was of little consequence (See What’s in a Name?).

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A Brief History of Crouch End

Crouch End is situated at the junction of several ancient routes. One comes up from Islington over Crouch Hill and the other from Holloway over Crouch End Hill.

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